One more lucky Lotto player has claimed their winnings after Saturday’s huge $50 million must-win Powerball draw with $21.4 million still left unclaimed.

Seven tickets have shared the jackpot, with each ticket win worth more than $7.1 million.

But three players may still be unaware they are now multi-millionaires following the must-win event — the third-largest Powerball draw by ticket sales in New Zealand history.

The most recent ticket winner, based in Auckland, was playing online on MyLotto

The other winning claimants included another online MyLotto player in Auckland, a ticket bought at the Shop Rite Dairy in Hamilton and a ticket from New World Hastings.

The three remaining unclaimed tickets were all bought at stores in Auckland.

  • Woolworths Metro Victoria St in Auckland — unclaimed
  • Pak’n Save Wairau Road in Auckland — unclaimed
  • Royal Oak Mall Lotto in Auckland — unclaimed
  • MyLotto in Auckland — claimed on June 11
  • New World Hastings — claimed on June 10
  • Shop Rite Dairy in Hamilton — claimed on June 9
  • MyLotto in Auckland — claimed on June 9.

A spokesperson for Lotto urged Auckland players to check their tickets.

A financial adviser said one of the biggest mistakes people make after a large win is telling other people about it

“Our advice to anyone who had a ticket in Saturday night’s $50 million draw – especially those who bought their ticket in Auckland or are Auckland-based – is to check their ticket as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said in a media release.

“Anyone who has checked their ticket and is a Powerball winner from the weekend should give our customer service line a call to be put in touch with our winner’s team who will support them from there.”

The winning numbers on Saturday were: 22, 35, 10, 30, 21, 37. Bonus 05. Powerball 02.

The Powerball prize rolled down to Division 2, with no tickets getting all the numbers needed for Division 1. The winning Strike numbers were: 22, 35, 10, 30.

One ticket won Strike’s jackpot, a reward of $600,000.