An Auckland motorist has been left stunned after road markings were repainted over vegetation along the side of a road earlier this week.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Geoff Upson captured the shoddy paint job on Oyster Point Rd in Kaukapakapa, near Helensville.

He said Auckland Transport had come through a couple of days ago and remarked the white lines.

“It looks fantastic in the middle, but over here, basically they’ve just painted on top of a big pile of dirt.”

Upson can then be seen crouching down to show the line that has been painted over the top of twigs, grass and dirt.

Using his hand, he sweeps some of the dirt to the side – along with the freshly painted white line.

“Look at how much dirt there is. The road needed to be swept first.”

Equally shocked were the commenters on Facebook, one saying the contractor who painted the line should be “embarrassed”.

Another suggested taking the dirt and dumping it on the road manager’s desk, describing it as a “criminal waste” of taxpayer money.

An Auckland Transport spokesperson said they were aware of the issue.

“The contractor will be getting this fixed as soon as possible – at no cost to AT.”