Four of the tickets that won a share of Saturday’s $50m Lotto draw are still outstanding, with $28.4m in prize money yet to be claimed.

Four players may be unaware they are now multi-millionaires following the must-win draw — the third-largest Powerball draw in tickets sales in New Zealand history.

Lotto NZ said three of the seven $7.18m winning tickets have been claimed so far.

“Those winning tickets were bought from New World Hastings, Shop Rite Dairy in Hamilton and the third on MyLotto by an Auckland player,” said corporate communications manager Sarah McCormack.

The four remaining winning tickets were all sold in Auckland, at Pak’n’Save Wairau Rd, Woolworths Metro Victoria St, Royal Oak Mall Lotto, and on the MyLotto website.

“Our advice to anyone who had a ticket in Saturday night’s $50 million draw – especially those who bought their ticket in Auckland or are Auckland-based – is to check their ticket as soon as possible,” said McCormack.

Seven winners take $7.18m

Seven tickets shared Lotto’s $50 million must-win Powerball jackpot – each ticket taking home just over $7.1 million.

The winning numbers on Saturday were: 22, 35, 10, 30, 21, 37. Bonus 05. Powerball 02.

The Powerball prize rolled down to Division 2, with no tickets getting all the numbers needed for Division 1.

The winning Strike numbers were: 22, 35, 10, 30.

One ticket won Strike’s jackpot, a reward of $600,000.

The locations were revealed at midday on Sunday after some online customers earlier faced a technical glitch in electronically checking whether they won.

Processing of the 2.6m tickets sold took “longer than expected” overnight on Saturday, with some online customers unable to electronically check whether they had won on Sunday morning.

Lotto NZ chief executive Jason Delamore earlier said it was amazing Powerball had rolled down to Second Division and was shared between seven players.

“It’s fantastic to see more of our lucky players get to experience what it’s like to win.

“This is going to be life-changing, and not only for the lucky winner themselves, as we know winning big has a huge ripple effect. Most of our big winners share their prize with others, including family, friends, communities, and charities.”