An Auckland woman is recovering in hospital after she was abducted from a Beach Haven house and forced into a car as a gun was fired last night, police say.

Police confirmed to 1News that no one has been arrested over the incident whilst armed officers could still be seen outside the house this morning.

Officers responded to 111 calls from residents around Sunnyhaven Ave last night.

Waitematā Detective Inspector Callum McNeill said three people in a car allegedly arrived at a residential property on the street just before 7.30pm.

“An altercation has occurred, with the female occupant of the address being forced into the vehicle. As this has unfolded the firearm has been discharged, and this has been the subject of multiple reports from neighbours to police.”

Neighbours reported hearing “loud bangs” with armed officers swarming the area during the incident. A police Eagle helicopter was also deployed.

One neighbour told 1News they initially thought they heard a car backfiring, which later turned out to be a gunshot.

They heard nearby neighbours telling others to “lock your doors” during the incident.

Responding police were unable to find the car, however, officers later deployed to a residential street in Greenhithe, around a 10km drive away.

The woman was found on a residential street in Greenhithe, around a 10km drive away.

“A woman was located with injuries outside a Mackay Dr address, and we have established that it is the victim from Beach Haven.

“She has sustained injuries and is in a stable condition, receiving treatment.

“These injuries are not in relation to the firearm being discharged,” McNeill said.

The detective inspector added: “What I can say at this stage is that we are following lines of enquiry into this matter and those responsible.”

The Sunnyhaven Ave abduction happened only a short walk from the Beach Haven town centre. A neighbour on the street told 1News: “I wasn’t aware of anything happening until my neighbour called me and said: ‘Can you help me? The police won’t let me into my home’… she said she couldn’t even park a car in my driveway because a police car was halfway across it.”

She said the experience was “kind of scary”.

“The old village feeling in the area is going — it’s not so safe anymore. Quite a few incidents have happened. That’s how I think the majority of the neighbourhood feel.”

Police call for witnesses, overnight cordons stood down

Cordons at the Beach Haven address have been stood down overnight and police were calling on members of the public to come forward with information.

“We have been speaking to a number of witnesses in the area, and this will continue,” McNeill said.

“I know this incident will be alarming to the Beach Haven community, and we are treating this matter very seriously.

“The public will continue to see our staff in the area in response to what has occurred.

“We are asking anyone that has information and hasn’t yet spoken to investigation staff to come forward.”