A plus-sized influencer and singer has hit out at online trolls who have body-shamed her after she requested a seat-belt extender on a recent flight in the US.

In a video uploaded to TikTok last month, Samyra Miller (@samyra) is seen waiting patiently after asking for an extender on a Delta flight. She then shows how short the normal belt in her seat is.

The short clip has been viewed more than 3 million times, but in the comments she received a lot of flak for her size. “Maybe a sign to loose (sic) weight” and “Eat less move more” being just a couple of examples, while some criticised her for not saying the word “please”. Others were more sympathetic: “Why are these comments so mean??”

Now Miller has recorded a follow-up video to address the critics.

A comment, which is no longer available but had 19,000 likes on it read: “Could I get a belt extender PLEASE.”

Miller said: “Almost 19,000 of you all are more concerned with the delivery of my request than the delivery of my belt extender.

”And to all of you more concerned about my health in the comments, they should also be concerned about my health and safety on an aircraft.

”When I discuss anything as a fat person, whether that is requesting a belt extender or requesting that brands actually sell plus sizes, you often focus more on my delivery

”I’m never ‘passionate’ like my other counterparts. I’m ‘loud,’ I’m ‘angry,’ I’m ‘entitled,’ I have ‘audacity.’ Because who am I, as a fat, Black woman to have wants? To have desires? To have dreams? You want us to shrink ourselves so bad, and for what?”

Yet again, some comments focused on her weight and her “lack of manners”, while others jumped to her defence.

“Why are people so cruel? She does nothing but put smiles on our faces when she gets on this platform,” wrote one commentator.

“I’ve had people say ‘please’ in the shittiest ways to me. You were perfectly polite. Also the tone policing here is nuts,” was another.

Plus-sized travellers were recently in the news after a US airline announced it would offer up to two extra seats for free if they “encroach” onto their neighbours during flights.

Southwest Airlines now offers “customers of size” extra seats.