The whole of the Wairarapa will move into a restricted fire season tomorrow morning, meaning no open-air fires can be lit without a permit.

The restricted season starts at 8am and will last until further notice.

As the country moves further into summer, the region has started to dry out, with Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) Wellington district community manager Phil Soal saying conditions are set to become “more dangerous”.

This is brought on by high temperatures with a lack of rainfall and a windier El Niño weather pattern.

“We have already seen a few small fires escape recently, but thankfully, they were able to be brought under control relatively quickly,” he said.

“As the fire danger continues to increase, it becomes more difficult to control fires, especially with the wind we have been experiencing.

“If you have a permit, follow the conditions listed on your permit.”

FENZ is asking anyone planning to light a fire this summer to check the weather conditions beforehand.

“If it’s hot and windy, do not light a fire, even if you have a permit,” Soal said.