A Waikato primary school group was rescued this week after accidentally following indicators in the bush that marked traps instead of a path.

On Facebook, police shared that 14 children, four parents and two teachers from Waihi Beach Primary School were exploring the Te Puna Quarry Park in the Whakamärama area, when they realised they were following markers bringing them dangerously close to bush traps.

“Instead of continuing walking, the group made the right decision to stay put and called police,” the post read.

Senior sergeant Shannon Clifford said police send a “mobile locate” text in cases like this, which requests a person’s GPS location.

“The request was sent to a parent helper and allowed their GPS location and pictures from where the group was to be sent to police and relayed to staff on the ground,” she said.

Police search and rescue soon arrived at the scene and escorted the group of 20 out of the bush, all of whom were all unharmed.

“The actions of the adults and children during this unexpected event were commendable,” police’s Facebook statement read.

“The quick thinking of adults allowed for the speedy rescue of the group from the bush and prevented the situation becoming any worse.

“This situation shows why it’s so important to take a fully charged form of communication with you if you head into the bush.

“The group also brought food, water and appropriate clothing, had communicated their intentions and spoken with the park staff about the visit – key safety measures that we urge anyone heading on walks or tramps to follow.”