Two more cases of bed bugs have reportedly emerged on the Pacific Explorer cruise ship, both linked to the same cabin of a passenger who previously reported them, Annalise Butson.

All three passengers were assigned the same cabin on separate cruises that left Auckland between August and October.

One of the new passengers who came forward to report bed bugs on the cruise ship, told 1News she was conscious of health issues before her trip as she is booked in for surgery in a few weeks.

“I didn’t want to get sick on the ship, I sanitised the cabin myself when I walked in, but I didn’t think to check the mattresses,” Kelly Morrison said.

In a statement, P&O Cruises Australia said it’s found no evidence of bed bugs in Morrison’s cabin and hasn’t received any complaints about bed bugs on the latest voyage that returned on Friday.

It said the cruise line has “strict and robust hygiene protocols to ensure a healthy environment for all guests”.

Morrison said her bites are: “Sore, it itches and they’re red hot. I’m home on Tuesday and i’m going to have to see the GP.”

Butson, who first reported the bed bugs, was left with painful welts up and down her body after a trip that was supposed to be a luxurious Fiji getaway to celebrate her 40th birthday last month.

Butson said she has also heard from another passenger in the same cabin who was bitten by bed bugs during an August cruise.

GP Dr Jeff Lowe warned bed bugs are now a part of international travel.

“They love heat and they feed on blood so that gives some clues as to what they like, so yes they’re very common in a warm northern European summer but less common in the colder climes of New Zealand.

“The bugs are actually in the bedding, so the insecticide needs to go on the bed or on the bed frame, the other thing they don’t like is cold or extreme heat so hot washing your bedding is a useful way of eliminating them.”