National Party leader Christopher Luxon says the cost of holding talks in Auckland to form a new government is the price of democracy.

At least four days of the discussions between National, New Zealand First and ACT have been held at hotels in Auckland as the country waits to see the shape of its new government.

As well, two staff members were flown back to Wellington on Saturday night to be with their families and will fly back to Auckland when talks resume today.

The incoming prime minister agreed taxpayers were paying for it, and he did not have a problem with it.

“That’s currently I think understood that is paid for by the taxpayer through Parliamentary Services and I think that’s a price of democracy and I think that’s entirely appropriate,” Luxon said.

He also pointed out the three party leaders involved in the coalition talks live in Auckland.

“Our respective teams and many that are on the negotiating teams for the individual parties are based here in Auckland as well.

“We’ve been agnostic as to whether it’s done in Wellington or Auckland; it’s been purely about what makes sense when and where and we’ve also done a lot of work virtually.”

He said the parties were trying to get a deal done as quickly as possible.

After talks wrapped up on Saturday Luxon said the party leaders were down “to our final set of issues”.

He met with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters twice during the day.

Luxon said he envisaged meeting with both Peters and ACT leader David Seymour again today, but was not sure if all three would meet again or the details of those meetings just yet.

He said ministerial positions were not being discussed yet as policies were the main focus.