Wendy Gorman’s pink convertible limo is a stretch, but her business and the smiles it brings certainly aren’t.

She actually owns seven limousines in different colours, but it’s her batch of pink ones that make people throw their heads back in joyous laughter the most.

It all started when she went on TradeMe looking for a pink baby buggy, but came across a much, much bigger four-wheel machine.

One impulse buy later, Groman soon grew her fleet and turned it into a limousine business, which started offering free rides to unsuspecting pedestrians following the Christchurch earthquakes.

“We’d be like ‘hey where are you going? Would you like a ride?'” she smiles, “What they did the most was just throw their head back and laugh out loud, and I didn’t know that was what it was going to do to people.”

One of her regulars is eight-year-old Flynn Williams, a boy with TV dreams who’s already had to fight cancer twice in his young life.

Alongside his cousin Anna, Gorman’s so far taken them on three limo rides to spark some pink, glittery magic in their lives.

“It overflows my emotional bank account,” she said.

Gorman’s even taken people to their cancer treatments – and she wants absolutely nothing for it.

Her philosophy is simple – when you’ve got more than you need, it’s best to divvy out the excess.

“When you have it, you should share it.”