Wellington Water says restrictions will remain at level two for now as it continues to fix the more than 3000 leaks across the city.

But homeowners say some of the leaks are damaging their property, raising questions over who pays for the damage.

1News spoke to Lisa Svehla, who has a leaky pipe near a retaining wall on her property.

With water seeping through the wall is now sodden, which she blames on the leak — and is worried it could burst at any time.

“I know there’s loads of leaks around the city, but it’s our property and our home, and it’s really concerning,” she said.

Wellington City Council said it’s still checking who owns the land the wall is on and that it will determine any liability for costs — which it assesses on a case-by-case basis.

But Water New Zealand said an independent body would help resolve questions like Svehla’s sooner.

“We need to have a standard mechanism across the country for addressing consumer complaints around stormwater, wastewater and drinking water,” chief executive Gillian Blythe said.

“It’s standard practice in other sectors like electricity and gas.”

Since restrictions were put in place, the threat of a total outdoor water ban has seen Wellingtonians take more care with their water use.

Two weeks ago, the capital’s daily peak was 194 million litres, dropping to 189 million last week.

With demand stabilising, Wellington Water said further restrictions are not needed for now — but warned complacency could change that.