If you need a little help to boost your serotonin levels, there’s a sunny patch in West Auckland that’s sure to do the trick.

The Cedel Downs Sunflower Patch, based in Taupaki, has just opened and invites people to frolic among the world’s happiest flowers.

The New Zealand sunflower season is short and sweet — the sun will set on your chance to see the sunflowers in all their glory on February 6.

The sunflowers are rooted in land that belongs to a commercial beef farm for the bulk of the year.

According to the owners, people have been flocking to the sunflower patch in search of the perfect backdrop for their Instagram photos, or a place that can transport them out of Auckland and into a Van Gogh painting.

The Flaunty family on their West Auckland farm.

The Flaunty family, who bought the farm in 1972, has used all three generations at its disposal to help bring joy this summer season.

They not only allow people to view the flowers but to pick their own too.

“We thought we would do something a little different. We’ve given it a pretty good nudge and it’s working really well,” said Chris Flaunty.

“Everyone leaves with a big smile on their face, there’s never a complaint. Everyone leaves very happy.”

The sunflowers also help keep the land happy — their roots help regenerate the soil by spreading nutrients, improving drainage, and providing the perfect field for cows to graze on when the weather turns.

Flaunty recommends bringing a picnic and spending a full day in the field.

Tickets to the Cedel Downs Sunflower Patch are available via Event Finder for a limited time.