You Can Make These 14 Simple Nail Art Designs at Home

Despite what YouTube tutorials and Pinterest have tried to tell you, it is actually very difficult to find simple nail designs that you can replicate at home. 

A common struggle that most people have encountered at some point is applying a single shade of nail polish without getting it all over their cuticles, let alone free-handing a nail art design. And when you get great pleasure from having intricate nails, that's a huge bummer.

Just one monthly manicure plus the added expense of nail art can seriously strain most people's finances, even though we enjoy trips to the nail salon just as much as the next person.

Although it may seem nearly impossible to paint your own nails at home, there are nail designs that almost anyone can achieve (see what we did there?) without years of training or experience. 

Having said that, we decided to compile a list of the top 14 simplest nail designs ever created by searching the Internet.

See a tonne of simple nail art designs that alleviate some of the anxiety associated with doing at-home nail art by scrolling down. 

To apply nail polish to your nails, gently dip one of its beaded ends into the bottle and coat it lightly.

Using an almond-shaped set of artificial nails from Static Nails and Essie Neutrals Nail Polish in Licorice, Allure news editor Nicola Dall'Asen demonstrated the process in the image above.

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