It's a wrap for 2023 and we can't thank this year enough for bringing a fresh chapter on Gadget Flow. Featuring over 1800 products and 600+ clients, 2023 statistics show us a huge list of innovation that gained a lot of exposure from Gadget Flow. Presenting the Year in Review 2023 – everything that went viral on our platform this year.

It’s been the end of another year at Gadget Flow and it’s time we go back to every chapter of 2023 and how it’s helped in making the platform better, and stronger.

The Crowdfunding Formula acquires Gadget Flow

We began the year with The Crowdfunding Formula – the leading crowdfunding marketing agency that acquired Gadget Flow back in March 2023. This got a lot of fresh ideas on the table and helped us scale the brand with a stronger team and an omnipresent platform.

TCF acquires Gadget Flow

We merged with Tech I Want

In the process, we also merged with Tech I Want, another promising tech discovery platform from the ecosystem that gave us more strength as a team and also helped us boost our growth.

Gadget Flow Merges with Tech I Want

Gadget Flow at IFA 2023

Other experiences from 2023 that gave us a strong headstart was IFA 2023. We not only covered the products from the show but also built some strong brand relationships and learnt more about the product marketing requirements from brands.

With all that knowledge and team strength, we now aim to take Gadget Flow forward in 2024 with an upgraded version. A vision where we are able to bridge the gap between creators and consumers to ensure innovative products get the right audience for their dues.

Featuring over 1800 products and 600+ clients, 2023 statistics show us a huge list of innovation that gained a lot of exposure from Gadget Flow. Gathering all of them in this one blog will be a stretch but we have the top 9 results for you here. Consider them as not just products trending on the Gadget Flow platform but also on our social media channels and newsletters.

Aura Circle Sleep Aid Mask – One of our best clients of 2023

This sleep mask has been trending on the platform ever since we pushed it live. Sometimes a product just ticks on day one and sometimes it takes ages. This one possibly has been one of those day-one successes we enjoyed working with. The complete blackout design, zero eye pressure are among the most popular features that got this mask its dues.

Aura sleep mask in action

Meta Quest 3 MR headset – Most engaged product of the year

Yes, future tech has been one of our most trending categories since forever. But this year, mixed reality has stood out in terms of design and experience. Meta Quest 3 has been topping the charts since it went live and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next in the world of mixed reality. CES 2024–we are coming!

Meta Quest 3 mainstream MR headset design

Oakywood Standing Desk – the non-tech product that stood out for its design

Thanks to the online 3D customizer, this desk is more than just another standing desk. Those of you who’ve followed Gadget Flow for a while will know how much we adore Oakywood products. And this standing desk, well, the fact that it been trending since March shows how much everyone love the design and build quality.

Oakywood Standing Desk in use

GoChess AI-powered chessboard – the campaign that topped the charts for its design

GoChess is one of our favorites this year. Primarily because this campaign has been so dedicated in making their product stand out from the beginning. And, the results are clear–they have raised over $2.7M (still in InDemand) and the product itself is so innovative, we hardly think anyone would say a no to this amazing chessboard.

GoChess in action

Everdure Kiln R – the pizza oven that’s been a conversation starter on our social media

This pizza oven by Everdure has been one of our favorite collaborations of 2023. We love the design and the way it operates. Plus, the marketing videos have been top-notch for Everdure, always. So, you can imagine how well this product caught the eyes of those who love pizza and also the pizza maker in this case.

Everdure Kiln R in dark gray

Oasis Mini kinetic art canvas – this one’s a therapeutic beauty of the year

It’s hard to not look at this canvas and enjoy the sheer beauty of it. The fact that the kinetic effect along with lighting makes it one of a kind is what led to Oasis Mini being one of our most liked products of the year. You simply cannot resist this one!

Oasis Mini kinetic art canvas in use

Apple Watch Series 9 – an iconic favorite you can’t miss

Although it faced a temporary ban issue, the Series 9 did make a grand entry on Gadget Flow. It’s just difficult to resist an Apple Watch that looks so good and stylish. Moreover, the edge-to-edge display and double tap feature just makes it better than the previous ones.

Apple Watch Series 9 models

DJI Mini 4 Pro – drones have been a forever favorite for Gadget Flow users

It takes the mini drones from DJI to a whole new level and no wonder it caught the attention of Gadget Flow users from the beginning. Weighing just 249 grams, this drone will take your aerial photography to newer heights. Literally.

DJI Mini 4 Pro in action

Gaming Gadgets – most popular category on Gadget Flow

Since the beginning of 2023, this category has been trending on Gadget Flow. It seems like we have a lot of gamers here. Comment down below on what other gaming gadgets you’d like to see in our platform and we’ll definitely work on featuring them.

Having said that, our goal is to ensure we show the most innovative products to you and also help brands bridge the gap with consumers by using our detailed product presentation approach. We couldn’t have done this without your support and it’s you who helps us grow and keep this platform progressive with your feedback. Stay tuned for more updates as we head to CES 2024 in the New Year. Until then, wishing all of you a prosperous 2024.