When Will 'Yellowstone' Season 5 Begin, and Will Kevin Costner Be Involved? 

Yellowstone can now begin work on the second half of Season 5, which will conclude the flagship series,  

as the SAG-AFTRA strike has ended. Although it is unlikely that Taylor Sheridan intended for this Western series to end thus soon, 

a disagreement with Kevin Costner prompted the famous TV creator to end the run early and begin work on a new Yellowstone series starring Matthew McConaughey. 

Variety reports that filming for Yellowstone Season 5's Part 2 episodes will begin in late spring of 2024. 

That should allow the show to still air by November 2024, which was the original release date. 

As of this writing, Kevin Costner is supposedly not coming back to the program, which is concerning given his role in the last few episodes. 

According to Esquire, writer Matthew Belloni of Puck recently made the following statement on his podcast, 

The Town. "From what I understand, he won't be appearing in those episodes right now."

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