When it comes to her most recent album, Guts, Olivia Rodrigo says mother knows best. 

Pop singer Olivia Rodrigo claims that her mother listens to every song on her new album before she does and gives her "approval" to each one. 

The former cast member of High School Musical claimed that the release of her second album, 

Guts, earlier this year had been "cathartic."She stated to The Face, "It's very peculiar. 

I feel so at ease and content after releasing Guts."I assumed I would be nervous, monitoring comments and its progress. 

However, publishing something makes me feel incredibly delighted and is quite cathartic. The thing I can control is making the record.  

Since everything else isn't, "Rodrigo has only been out three years since releasing her first album, Sour, 

which brought her three Grammy Awards, and her breakthrough track, Drivers Licence. 

Earlier this year, Rodrigo became the youngest act to get the Brit Billion Award for more than one billion digital streams in the UK. 

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