Experience outdoor cooking at its finest with the Weber Searwood Pellet Grill. Designed for the modern grillmaster, it ignites your culinary journey.


DirectFlame cook system: Achieve rich sear-marked food and deep smoky flavors.
LCD controller with WEBER CONNECT: Smart technology offers precise control and monitoring.
RapidReact PID controller: It ensures consistent temperature with self-adjusting capabilities.
Wide temperature range: From 180° to 600°F, it caters to various cooking styles.
Swift temperature transitions: Reach desired temperatures in under 15 minutes.
Cast aluminum cookbox: It’s weatherproof and durable.
Pull-and-clean grease/ash system: It simplifies cleanup and maintenance.


The Searwood Pellet Grill redefines your outdoor cooking with its advanced features, making it the go-to choice for grill enthusiasts.