Upon the field, Tom Brady bemoans "product" and bemoans "mediocrity in today's NFL." 

After missing almost the entire NFL season due to injury, Tom Brady is taking offense at what he is seeing on the field. 

During his appearance on "The Stephen A. Show," the seven-time Super Bowl winner criticized the "mediocrity" he saw in the NFL." 

I believe that a lot of mediocrity exists in the NFL nowadays. Brady remarked, 

"I don't see the quality that I witnessed in the past. "In my opinion, the coaching has declined. 

The growth of young players isn't as strong as it once was, in my opinion. Many negative habits have been incorporated into the game's actual play via the regulations. 

Therefore, I just believe that the product is inferior to what has occurred."Brady gave an illustration of how defensive players are controlled. 

In today's game, he claimed, the hits that icons would have made during ,

his playing days would have been penalized.

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