Toxic Relationships Teach You 10 Important Lessons

You learn to recognize red flags earlier in life. You not only notice red flags earlier, but you also refuse to ignore them. The problem with many new relationships is that we are willing to ignore obvious red flags, dismissing them as unimportant or something we can "fix" later.

You learn to pay attention to your friends and family. While your friends and family may not like every person you date because they are not involved in the relationship, they can see who is a bad apple far more clearly than you can. After a toxic relationship, which your friends and family most likely advised you against, you become more willing to listen to them. 

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You learn to go with your gut.Although our gut can fail us sometimes, it knows what’s up for the most part. Instinct and intuition are amazingly strong feelers when it comes to a bad situation 

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You learn your worth.Toxic relationships come in all forms, from physically abusive to mentally and emotionally abusive and a whole slew in between. No matter what type of toxicity you’re up against, your self-esteem and self-worth drops as your partner does their best to keep you down.  

You learn you can’t change people.Sometimes, even when we’re in toxic relationships, we can have a moment of clarity where we realize the relationship just isn’t right. While some may see that wake-up call as a reason to run, others see it as an opportunity to change their partner.  

1. You learn to put yourself first.It is in no way selfish to put yourself first, even if you’re in a relationship. When you put yourself first and practice a healthy amount of self-care, you’re more likely to be in tune to your relationship and see it for what it really is.

Mental benefit

You learn to set boundaries.When you understand how important it is to have boundaries, you’re able to protect yourself better. A toxic relationship is usually one where boundaries are overstepped and disregarded 

You learn to stand up for yourself.The only way to get out of a toxic relationship is to stand up for yourself, push back, and go. For those who have never been able to stand up for themselves, a toxic relationship can finally teach them how to do it 

You learn what it means to settle.Sadly, too many people in life settle. We see people settle in their jobs, in their life choices, and in their relationships. Settling should never be an option because everyone deserves top-notch. 

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