Check out the Tons iPad Race Bar, a Zwift cockpit for your iPad or tablet. It looks beautiful and is super durable.


Tailored Compatibility: Designed to accommodate all iPads and most tablets, this tablet race bar is your versatile companion for immersive Zwift sessions.

Innovative Construction: With a proprietary 3D pattern, this bar balances strength, lightweight design, and aesthetic appeal for a durable yet visually pleasing addition to your setup.

Integrated Features: Meanwhile, the integrated smartphone holder maximizes convenience.

Eco-conscious Materials: Printed in Tons Bio Polymer™ and mounted on certified oak sourced from the EU, this bar embodies eco-friendliness. It’s renewable, non-toxic, and built with sustainability in mind.

Local Production: What’s more, the company produces this iPad table in Denmark with environmental considerations at the forefront.


Elevate your Zwift rides with this iPad bar.