Tom Brady believes that 'a lot of mediocrity exists in today's NFL.'

Brady has been out of the NFL for less than 365 days, but he believes things have already deteriorated.

It's time to come 'round, because old grandpappy Tom Brady has something to tell us about how the NFL used to be.

Brady recently appeared on Stephen A. Smith's YouTube show and decried the level of play in the NFL, which he was playing in less than 365 days ago.

"I believe that there is a lot of mediocrity in today's NFL."

"I don't see the excellence that I used to see," Brady added.

"I believe the coaching isn't as good as it once was."

Brady went on to highlight several NFL greats who used to make big hits, bemoaning that same hits would be penalized today as overly aggressive.

Brady believes that instead of playing less brutally, coaches should teach players how to defend themselves.

Brady then mentioned something very intriguing about being a quarterback during that violent period in the NFL, which he also discussed back in 2021.

He doesn't understand how today's "softer" NFL allows quarterbacks to pass to receivers without fear of a game-ending (or season-ending) hit.

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