Titans defeat Chargers, and Brandon Staley yells at a reporter.

After losing to the Titans in overtime, 27-24, to drop to 0-2 overall, Chargers coach Brandon  , 

Staley appeared to lose his cool in a heated post-game exchange with a reporter.  

In response to a query about the team's potential continued impact from last season's wild-card round elimination,  

Staley launched a ferocious defense of his squad. As many people recall, the Chargers lost to the Jaguars , 

31-30 after infamously blowing a 27-0 lead.Staley, the Chargers' third-year coach,  

made it abundantly plain that neither he nor the team was worried about their failure to advance to the playoffs.  

Staley stated, "I'm not concerned about the Jacksonville loss. "The Jacksonville loss hasn't in any way affected this season.  

If you've seen our training camp or the way we played in the first two games, you'll notice that it hasn't at all affected our team.  

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