Unlock your fitness potential with the R3BAR Alpha-Pro + Workouts Package. Designed for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike, this versatile and portable training tool offers everything you need to take your workouts to the next level.


R3BAR Alpha-Pro: This 6-pound 2-piece aluminum alloy device is sturdy, durable, and portable. It connects at the center, forming a unified training tool. Slip-resistant soft foam rubber hand grips ensure a comfortable and secure hold. And specially designed rubber end-caps allow for the effortless installation and removal of Elastic Bands with varying tensile strengths.
2 band colors: You’ll receive Black Beginner Bands and Green Intermediate Bands.
R3BAR travel bag: Stay organized with this customized bag for easy transportation.
Subscription: Enjoy a 30-day subscription to R3BAR workout videos with expert guidance.


Elevate your fitness game with the R3BAR Alpha-Pro Workout Kit, your go-to solution for portable and efficient exercise anywhere.