Enjoy on-the-go gaming like never before with the AYANEO KUN. This Windows handheld gaming device boasts a stunning 8.4″ screen.


Large screen: See brilliant visuals with the AYANEO KUN’s 8.4″ 1600 IPS screen. It brings accurate color reproduction and top-tier performance.

Chinese in-painting design: Interestingly, the design and color schemes are inspired by Chinese ink painting and traditional colors.

Tactile sensation: Meanwhile, the streamlined design is comfortable to hold. The front boasts a curved surface and the grip is ergonomic.

Handheld powerhouse: What’s more, the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U flagship processor gives you a power boost with energy efficiency.

Large battery: Even better, this gaming handheld accommodates a PC-level battery.

Hall-sensing joystick: Then, the joystick uses electromagnetic induction technology. It has up to a 5-million-cycle lifespan and a high-precision rate.


Elevate your mobile gaming with this oversized handheld!