Protect your home and control smart lights with the SECURAM Wi-Fi Security Switch. It offers a motion sensor and works with your smart lights.


Precise Motion Detection: With the Motion Laser Sensor, you get precise motion detection for enhanced safety.

Seamless Smart Home Integration: Connect effortlessly with SECURAM smart devices for a unified home experience via the SECURAM Guard App.

Voice-Controlled Convenience: Operate this gadget hands-free using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This gives you effortless control, especially in dimly lit areas.

Versatile Light Switch: Adapt to various setups: use it as a single pole or in a 3-way configuration. Enjoy Night Light visibility and automatic activation via the Ambient Light Sensor.

Efficient Automation: Set schedules and timers and access Away Mode Simulation for a secure home even when away.


This is a smart home gadget you can set and forget!