Take your style, or your business, to the next level with the T-Shirt TV wearable digital art. It has a built-in digital screen.


Revolutionize Your Wardrobe: This wearable digital billboard lets you flaunt your creativity on an integrated 10″ digital screen.

Digital Self-Expression: The T-Shirt TV gives you the power to broadcast your digital art, favorite NFTs, viral memes, or Tik-Toks with ease.

Uninterrupted Digital Showcase: Meanwhile, this wearable screen boasts an impressive 2-4 hour battery life. It ensures your digital content remains alive and captivating throughout your day.

Convenience Meets Hygiene: Are you worried about your tech-savvy tee getting dirty? No need! The T-Shirt TV comes with a removable display for easy cleaning.

Lightweight Comfort: Meanwhile, this tech shirt is feather light, ensuring you stay comfortable and stylish all day.


Embrace this lightweight, innovative shirt and elevate your look.