Enhance your AI interactions using the Humane Ai Pin. This wearable AI device has a conversational and screenless form factor, letting you take artificial intelligence on the go.


Reimagine your AI interactions: With the Ai Pin, you can speak naturally to AI, use gestures and hold up objects. You can also communicate using the Laser Ink Display that’s projected onto your palm.

Seamless daily use: Best of all, this AI technology fits easily into your life. For instance, the Ai Mic offers fast searches and quickly locates what you’re looking for. Plus the technology can write messages in your tone of voice.

A new operating system for AI: Then, the Cosmos operating system combines intelligent technologies with interaction and high-level security.

Cutting-edge technology: What’s more, this AI gadget has powerful tech including a Snapdragon processor with a Qualcomm AI Engine.


Get search and communication convenience with this everyday AI device.