Elevate your swimming experience with the SCUBAJET PRO All-in-One water jet engine kit. It’s designed for aquatic explorers seeking unparalleled water activities.


Versatile Aquatic Companion: This kit caters to diverse water pursuits like swimming, snorkeling, diving, and stand-up paddling.

Jet-Powered Performance: Equipped with a robust 1,000W PRO jet engine, it propels you at speeds of up to 11km/h (7mph).

Smart Batteries: Meanwhile, the power comes from efficient 200Wh Smart Batteries. They comply with airline regulations for carry-on use and offer a 40-minute runtime at 35% speed.

Illuminate Your Experience with Beam: Then, enjoy enhanced visibility with the SCUBAJET LED Beam. Emitting 1,500 Lumens ensures exceptional visibility. It even adds an enchanting aura to your SUP or kayak with its arc of light.


Turbocharge your dives, swims, and more with the SCUBAJET PRO.