Practice self-care every day with the OPUS SoundBed vibroacoustic bed. It combines spatial sound and vibration to shift how you feel in minutes.


Relieve stress in minutes: Had a stressful day? Alleviate the tension by listening to this bed’s meditations, music, and frequencies. It works in as few as 7 minutes.

Choose from 7 channels: In fact, you can choose from 7 vibration sound channels from head to toe.

Relax with breathwork: What’s more, the OPUS SoundBed guides breathwork, meditation, and more.

Target specific areas of the body: Then, this therapy bed covers you in sensations and can even focus on a particular area like the shoulders or lower back.

Elevate your home’s look: Moreover, the bed is a stylish addition to your home decor. Plus, it’s portable and easy to store.


This wellness gadget complements the OPUS Connect App, giving you access to immersive sounds and vibrations.