Embrace the warmth and versatility of the iHood Men’s Heated Vest with Retractable Heating Hood. This high-quality and functional apparel is a game-changer for facing various weather conditions, offering 6 heating zones, 4-in-1 switch control, and 3 adjustable heat settings.


ALL-AREA 3.0 heating system: Control heat distribution across your body with 3 zones and 8 heating panels.
Waterproof and wind-resistant: Conquer rain, wind, and snow with confidence in this vest designed to withstand the elements.
Light-off function: Seamlessly transition from day to night by turning off the LED light without affecting the heating system.
Supports up to 158°F: Stay comfortably warm with 3 heating levels, reaching the highest temperature in no time.
Retractable heating hood ear heating: Protect your ears from frostbite in cold weather with a hood that you can conveniently hide.


Overall, it conquers winter conditions effortlessly, whether at home or on adventures.