Meet the Freewrite Traveler Ghost Edition! It’s a transparent digital typewriter that’s ultraportable and visually stunning.


A Futuristic Nod: This Traveler’s unique design with a clear body is a nod to Y2K styles, inspiring your creativity.

All your favorite features: The Ghost Edition combines Traveler features with a jaw-dropping clear body and keyboard.

Clarity in Writing: Then, you’ll rediscover the joy of writing without distractions. Ghost’s full-size keyboard offers an optimized typing experience with tactile precision.

Save Anywhere, Everywhere: What’s more, this portable typewriter saves your writing locally and in the cloud. Once connected to Wi-Fi, your documents back up automatically.

Uninterrupted Writing: With its long-lasting battery, Ghost ensures your creative flow isn’t disturbed.

Multilingual Support: Meanwhile, this digital typewriter supports numerous languages and keyboard layouts, from QWERTZ to AZERTY and DVORAK.


Attain your writing goals with the Freewrite Traveler Ghost Edition.