Designed for the modern lifestyle, the Cascade Pro trackable performance wallet boasts cutting-edge features. It offers convenience, security, and a touch of luxury.


Cascade card ejection: Enjoy swift and easy access to your cards through the innovative Cascade card-ejection system.
Flush-retracting money clip: A sleek and retractable money-clip design ensures a slim profile when not in use.
RFID protection: Safeguard your personal information with built-in RFID protection, shielding your cards from unauthorized scanning.
Modular design: The Detachable Cover seamlessly integrates with the Cascade Pro, providing additional storage capacity while maintaining a classic leather wallet feel. Its modular design allows you to carry more without sacrificing style.
Tracker card functionality: The Tracker Card, conveniently sized like a standard credit card, syncs with Apple/Google Find My app for left-behind alerts and worldwide tracking.


Elevate your wallet experience with a blend of functionality, style, and advanced tracking technology.