Elevate your home automation with the TrampleTek Blue textile sensor mat. Along with an open dev kit, it lets you step into the future of smart living.


Easy smart control: Use your steps to control any plug-in device. Some smart systems have you clap, but this one is even simpler.
Flexible design: Reprogrammable, it offers the flexibility to connect and control various smart devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Innovative materials: It’s crafted from advanced textile sensors and technical embroidery techniques.
Long range: Control your plug-in devices up to 100 feet away with the wirelessly paired wall socket.
Various uses: Activate lights remotely to deter intruders and thieves or monitor loved ones’ movements for added peace of mind. You can do so much more, too.


Overall, beyond the fun and practicality, TrampleTek Blue is a dream for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.