Look great while staying safe with the Specialized Tone stylish bike helmet. It combines form and function in an adjustable design.


Looks and Feels Good: The Tone helmet merges style and reliability, allowing you to enjoy both the look and function of a bike helmet.

Perfect Fit, Every Ride: What’s more, the Headset SX fit system offers easy and precise adjustments for an ideal fit.

Enhanced Ventilation: Internal channeling optimizes airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable during your rides.

Tailored Shell Sizes: What’s more, this fashionable helmet is available in 3 shell sizes. This ensures a better fit.

Top-Notch Safety Standards: Tone proudly boasts a 5-Star Virginia Tech Helmet Rating.

Day and Night Visibility: Reflective decals enhance visibility in daylight and low-light conditions.

Advanced Impact Protection: Featuring MIPS technology, the Tone reduces rotational forces during angled impacts.


Stay safe and sleek on the road with this protective helmet.