Lost sleep over your crypto security? Ryder One is a stress-free crypto wallet that combines usability and security, delivering a top notch user-friendly experience. It gives everyone from newbies to pros a great option.


No seed phrase needed: Don’t risk losing your recovery phrase. Instead, back it up with multiple NFC recovery tags or with trusted friends.
Quick setup: Just tap your Ryder One to the NFC Recovery Tag. In only 60 seconds, you’ll be ready to go.
Transact instantly: Enjoy transactions that take fewer than 2 seconds by just tapping, holding, and sending. Additionally, it supports 1,000+ tokens.
Completely offline: Using no Bluetooth and no Wi-Fi connectivity, this port-free device alerts you right away. In fact, its red LED light connects to the EAL6+ secure element chip.
Waterproof and dust-proof: Finally, thanks to its IP68 rating, its aluminum and glass body can withstand the elements.


Along with 100% open-source software, the Ryder One also comes with a wireless charger for easy battery management.