Combining modern technology with a touch of classic elegance, the Native Union (Re)Classic Strap for Apple Watch is also environmentally conscious with its plant-based materials. Here’s what makes it special.


Yatay by Coronet: Crafted from Yatay, a durable and stain-resistant plant-based leather alternative from Italy, this band exemplifies a sustainable approach to style.
Elegant textured design: The smooth and cross-grained texture adds an elevated finish, ensuring that your Apple Watch makes a statement.
Integrated lugs: These lugs effortlessly match any Apple Watch color or finish. This ensures a secure attachment and creates a seamless extension of your timepiece.
Comfortable all-day wear: The soft lined backing enhances comfort during extended use, making it ideal for all-day wear.


Additionally, the (Re)Classic Band is available for 38, 40, and 41 mm Apple Watch models. It complements the (Re)Classic Case for iPhone and AirPods.