Get your choice of blade steel when you go for the Windeler Extra Stak. This stainless steel pocket knife comes in both 440C and LC200N steel types and has a 5-in-1 multitool.


Redesigned Excellence: The Extra Stak has been revamped for enhanced performance and versatility. It features the re-engineered Monoscale pocket knife with customizable blade steel options and the innovative 5-in-1 P01 PryOpener hybrid tool.

P01 PryOpener: Meanwhile, this hybrid tool offers 5 functionalities, including prying, opening, screwing, slicing, and wrenching.

Polnetik Connector: What’s more this tool includes Windeler’s signature Polnetik connector. It uses 316 marine-grade stainless steel magnet shells with a protective CD-pattern surface.

Easy Maintenance: Windeler’s tools are easy to clean. Simply disassemble, wipe down, or wash the components.


Elevate your EDC with this premium steel pocket knife.