Start cooking out of the box with the Typhur Sous Vide Station. This all-in-1 sous vide machine has everything you need.


User-Friendly & Remote Control: With an easy interface and the Typhur app, control and monitor cooking progress from your phone.

Streamlined Cooking: Simplifying the process, this station eliminates extra steps and includes unique tank notches for easy vacuum bag hanging.

Complete Solution: It comes with all necessary components, sparing you from buying additional equipment for sous vide cooking.

Scheduled Cooking & Insulation: Schedule cooking sessions and maintain low temperatures using the double-layered water tank, preventing bacterial growth.

Large Touchscreen & Remote Operation: A 12.3-inch touchscreen offers intuitive control, while the Typhur app allows remote adjustments. It even notifies you when cooking is complete.


Simplify your cooking projects with this sous vide machine!