Ensure your pet door is secure when you have the Pawport. This smart pet door seamlessly connects to new or existing frames and opens with a lightweight collar tag.


Connectivity and Convenience: Connected via Wi-Fi to the Pawport app, this smart door allows remote management, scheduling, voice control through Alexa, Siri, or Google.

Enhanced Security: Unlike standard pet doors, Pawport ensures security against intruders. The deadbolt lock grants access solely to the owner’s pet.

Customizable Curfew Settings: The innovative app enables users to customize pet schedules and lock the door during specific hours. Multiple pets can have separate access schedules.

Safety and Activity Tracking: Pawport’s app facilitates real-time pet activity monitoring. Get notifications when pets go in or out.

Elegant Design: Pawport offers exotic finishes, LED lighting, and a low-noise operation. It transforms any space with its modern, sleek appearance.


Finally, Pawport also offers complete systems for new installations!