Check out the Custo 1 smart mailbox. It makes managing your parcels easier and it even checks on orders in real time.


Real-Time Delivery Checks: Custo leads the way as the first IoT-connected mailbox, constantly monitoring package delivery based on live track and trace data from all major courier services.

Your Personal Concierge: Picture Custo as your dedicated custodian, stationed conveniently outside your door, managing incoming and outgoing mail seamlessly.

Blend of Convenience, Safety, and Sustainability: In a sleek and sophisticated design, Custo harmonizes convenience, safety, and sustainability. It’s a truly modern mailbox experience.

Power Supply & Autonomy: Battery-powered with rechargeable capabilities, ensuring continuous functionality.

App Accessibility: Accessible via the Apple App Store and Google Play for easy control and management.


This smart home gadget ensures your mail flow remains effortless, secure, and environmentally conscious!