Avoid worrying about a blackout when you have the ALLPOWERS R3500 smart home energy kit. This all-in-one power solution provides home backup power supply whenever you need it.


Scalable capacity: In fact, it boasts a scalable capacity ranging from 3,168 kWh all the way up to 101,376 kWh. This ensures that all your most important devices remained powered up even during an outage.
Powers appliances: What’s more, if you tap it into your power grid, it can actually power all your household appliances for days! With the ALLPOWERS R3500, you’ll truly never worry about running out of electricity again.
AC output: Offering 3,200W to 7,000W of AC output, this energy ecosystem allows you to convert solar energy with your existing solar kit.
Energy storage: Then, store the energy with the R3500 energy kit for emergency or off-the-grid use.


Finally, it delivers up to 2,000W of solar-charging power and has a LiFeP04 battery with a 10-year lifespan.