Supercharge your bath with the LUSH Bath Bot sensory bathing device. It adds fun to your bath ritual with LED color and 180° sound.


Custom bath experiences: This bathtime gadget creates customer light, color, and sound experiences.

Sleepy Mode: Prime your body for sleep with the Sleepy Mode. It emits calming lavender colors and tranquil soundscapes.

Fun Mode: Then, bathtime gets cool in Fun Mode. It plays upbeat tunes that pair with bedtime stories and bubbles. It’s great for bathers young and old.

Rave Music: What’s more, you can get ready for a night out in Rave Mode. It offers electric lemon-lime colors and pulsing beats.

Ethical construction: Best of all, this bathing bot can be repaired or ethically upcycled.

180-Degree sound: The 180-degree sound envelops the senses, aiding relaxation.


Get an immersive bath experience with this LED bath device!