Connect remotely with pets and family using the Enabot EBO Air Robot Companion. It’s a state-of-the-art AI pet designed for remote interaction and care:


Remote Control and Monitoring: With Wi-Fi connectivity and a full 1080p HD camera, EBO Air enables remote viewing. Its powerful speakers and microphone let you chat, play, and more.

Companion for Pets and Family: Offering real-time monitoring and voice interaction, EBO Air becomes a companion for your pets and family.

Seamless House Navigation: Featuring motorized wheels, EBO Air navigates freely around your home, overcoming charging cable limitations.

Silent Operation and Laser Play: Upgraded brushless motor wheels ensure silent movement, letting EBO Air guard your home quietly. Then, it can engage your pets with laser pointer play.

Auto-Recharge: With a one-touch auto-recharge feature, it can autonomously return to its charging dock within a 2-meter range.


Go for the EBO Air, one of our favorite AI pets!