Improve your chances of conception with the Femometer Smart Ring for Ovulation Tracking. It tracks BBT in real time.


Spot-on BBT readings: This women’s health wearable offers precise BBT readings. This helps you better understand ovulation, cycle phases, and sleep cycles.
See your fertile window: Wear the Femometer while you sleep to see where you are in your cycle. This helps you better predict windows of fertility.
Monitor your sleep patterns: Meanwhile, this wearable also monitors and analyzes your sleep patterns. Learn more about your body’s natural rhythms.
Expert guidance: What’s more, you get daily expert guidance when you use the ring and app together. Get conception guidance, cycle interpretation, and more for improved fertility.
Stylish design: Finally, this ring has a cute, tech-inspired design. It’s easy to wear while sleeping.


Track your body’s delicate rhythm with this women’s smart ring.