Bring retro style to your work and game setup with the AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01. It blends a classic design with modern tech.


Paying homage to the classics: This gadget looks just like an Apple computer from the 1980s, with its rainbow sticker and floppy drive.

Powerful performance options: Then, the AM01 offers multiple processor options to suit your needs.

Multiple ports: What’s more, this retro PC has 5 USB ports—1 USB-C and 4 USB-A. You also get an HDMI port, a DisplayPort, a headphone jack, and an ethernet port.

OS options: Purchase this mini PC with Windows 11. Or, get the Bare Version and add Linux or SteamOS yourself.

Various use scenarios: Use this retro PC for gaming, productivity, and entertainment.

Lightweight & portable: Weighing just under a pound, this compact PC is easy to carry to a friend’s house or party.


Add a stylish PC to your setup with the AM01.