Power your devices with elegance when you have the Nomad Stand Qi2 magnetic charger. The metal and glass construction give it a standout look.


MagSafe compatibility: Equipped with a MagSafe-compatible wireless charger, it ensures seamless compatibility with Qi2 devices, including the iPhone 15.
Powerful charging: Offering up to 15W for Qi2 devices, its integrated magnet array aligns perfectly with MagSafe. This provides a swift and reliable charging experience.
Elegant design: The upright metal and glass design, coupled with a 21º viewing angle, not only enhances the aesthetic of any desk or bedside but also accommodates both horizontal and vertical device positioning.
Grab-and-go convenience: Weighing just over 1 pound, it stays firmly anchored. This allows for easy device pickup with an elevated charging puck.


The carefully crafted metal and glass construction, combined with the ideal viewing angle and grab-and-go convenience, make Stand a great charging solution.