Transform your ride with the Pave BK premium eBike for commuters. It holds up to 2 riders and runs on an efficient lithium-ion battery.


Disruptive Bike Sharing Platform: The proprietary bike sharing platform revolutionizes the 2-wheeled mobility space. This bike holds 2 riders instead of just one.

Meticulously Designed: What’s more, the aircraft-grade aluminum frame is lightweight and stylish. Then, the Premium Lithium-Ion 21700 battery offers up to 50 miles of range and an 80% charge in just an hour.

Powerful Electric Motor: Meanwhile, the Pave BK boasts a 3000W motor that accelerates to 30mph in just 3.7 seconds.

Urban Versatility: Street-legal and designed for urban commuting or leisurely rides to the beach, riders get versatility and freedom.

Sustainable Innovation: Moreover, this premium eBike is a silent, emissions-free mode of transportation. It’s a cleaner, more efficient transportation option for cities.


The Pave BK Premium eBike represents a fusion of innovative technology, sustainable mobility, and thoughtful design!