Boost your recovery and athletic potential with the Edge Theory Labs Edge Tub Elite. This portable plunge tub offers cutting-edge features:


Portability Redefined: Designed for easy transport, this ice bath fits neatly into a backpack.

Convenient Setup: With a standard 110V electrical connection, installation doesn’t require professional tools or an electrician. The Wi-Fi-enabled chiller allows remote temperature control via your smartphone.

Enhanced Hygiene Bid farewell to frequent water changes. The tub features a 2-step filtration system and non-chlorine-based sanitizer.

Unmatched Performance What’s more, the commercial-grade 1 HP chiller swiftly cools water to 37 degrees or heats it to 104 degrees within 2.5 hours.

Impeccable Cleanliness: Meanwhile, this portable tub stays clean thanks to an advanced filtration and sanitation system.

Smart Connectivity: Connect multiple users to the Bluetooth app. There you can change the temperature and schedule adjustments for different times of the day.


Relax and recover anywhere with this portable tub!