Add personality to your workspace with the LOFREE TOUCH PBT Wireless Mouse. It uses skin-friendly PBT keycaps that you can customize.


PBT Power: Say goodbye to sticky, glossy fades! The LOFREE PBT material in this mouse is all about comfort. It’s skin-friendly, customizable with your favorite keycaps, and lasts without losing its color.

Style Options: Choose from the Tofu or Block style. Each brings its own vibe to your workspace or gaming setup.

Sensor Magic: With the PAW 3805 sensor, this mouse rocks up to 4000 DPI. It even glides smoothly on clear glass, thanks to its dynamic tracking prowess.

Extra Button Sets: Feeling whimsical? There are sets like Banana, Dear Kitty, and Wonderland to switch up your mouse’s look.

Long-Lasting: A 650mAh battery powers it for 75 hours on a single charge. Plus, it connects through Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G, or Type C.


This mouse is your all-in-one office or gaming companion!