Improve your reading experience with the Boox Note Air3 paper-like tablet series. Comprised of the Air3 and Air3 C models, they provide paper-like reading.


Classic Design: These tablets boast a classic, minimal design. The shell is aluminum, and the shape is notebook thin.
Color Display: The Air3 C offers mellow colors and an ePaper screen. Meanwhile, the 300PPI + 150 PPI enhanced resolution renders better colors.
Monochrome Screen: Then, the Air3 offers a black and white screen. The paper-like display offers a 227 PPI resolution for sharp images.
Editing Tools: Best of all, this tablet series comes with editing tools for art and note-taking. They save paper, boost productivity, and even include AI.
Smart Scribbles: What’s more, annotate books with handwritten notes and transform them into shapes, underlines, and highlights.


Finally, these tablets are super useful thanks to the fingerprint sensor, durable battery, and more.